Deleting virus or viruses using command prompt is very simple. Just follow the correct format that you will going to use. First thing to do is open the MS - DOS command prompt by clicking the START select RUN and type CMD. After which, the DOS box will appear.

Steps to delete a virus:

1.) Type CD\ press enter

2.) Then go to the drive directory were you want to see if there are viruses present there by typing the drive path (ei: C: for c drive or the drive of your USB device).

3.) To change the directory inside the drive ( for example to see what is inside the suspected folder just type CD foldername and press enter.

4.) Type ATTRIB *.* and press enter if you see something folders with .exe extension or picture files with .exe extension or any files than are unnecessary in that drive that means it is a virus or that file(s) has been infected by a virus.

5.) To delete that virus change its attribute by typing
ATTRIB -S -H -R [virusname].[itsextension] ( ex: attrib -s -h -r virus.exe ) and press enter.

6.) Now the final thing is to type this command to delete the virus by typing DEL [virusname].[extension] ( ex: del virus.exe ).

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