This year Oscars Awards on Feb. 22nd.Slumdog Millionaire received 10 nominations. Milk totally deserves it's 8 nods. 13 nominations for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button that put it in the top position on the leaderboard.
Complete list of 81st annual Academy Award nominations :
1. Best Picture: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "Frost/Nixon," "Milk," "The Reader," "Slumdog Millionaire."
2. Actor: Richard Jenkins, "The Visitor"; Frank Langella, "Frost/Nixon"; Sean Penn, "Milk"; Brad Pitt, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"; Mickey Rourke, "The Wrestler."
3. Actress: Anne Hathaway, "Rachel Getting Married"; Angelina Jolie, "Changeling"; Melissa Leo, "Frozen River"; Meryl Streep, "Doubt"; Kate Winslet, "The Reader."
4. Supporting Actor: Josh Brolin, "Milk"; Robert Downey Jr., "Tropic Thunder"; Philip Seymour Hoffman, "Doubt"; Heath Ledger, "The Dark Knight"; Michael Shannon, "Revolutionary Road."
5. Supporting Actress: Amy Adams, "Doubt"; Penelope Cruz, "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"; Viola Davis, "Doubt"; Taraji P. Henson, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"; Marisa Tomei, "The Wrestler."
6. Director: David Fincher, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"; Ron Howard, "Frost/Nixon"; Gus Van Sant, "Milk"; Stephen Daldry, "The Reader"; Danny Boyle, "Slumdog Millionaire."
7. Foreign Film: "The Baader Meinhof Complex," Germany; "The Class," France; "Departures," Japan; "Revanche," Austria; "Waltz With Bashir," Israel.
8. Adapted Screenplay: Eric Roth and Robin Swicord, "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button"; John Patrick Shanley, "Doubt"; Peter Morgan, "Frost/Nixon"; David Hare, "The Reader"; Simon Beaufoy, "Slumdog Millionaire."
9. Original Screenplay: Courtney Hunt, "Frozen River"; Mike Leigh, "Happy-Go-Lucky"; Martin McDonagh, "In Bruges"; Dustin Lance Black, "Milk"; Andrew Stanton, Jim Reardon and Pete Docter, "WALL-E."
10. Animated Feature Film: "Bolt"; "Kung Fu Panda"; "WALL-E."
11. Art Direction: "Changeling," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "The Dark Knight," "The Duchess," "Revolutionary Road."
12. Cinematography: "Changeling," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "The Dark Knight," "The Reader," "Slumdog Millionaire."
13. Sound Mixing: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "The Dark Knight," "Slumdog Millionaire," "WALL-E," "Wanted."
14. Sound Editing: "The Dark Knight," "Iron Man," "Slumdog Millionaire," "WALL-E," "Wanted."
15. Original Score: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," Alexandre Desplat; "Defiance," James Newton Howard; "Milk," Danny Elfman; "Slumdog Millionaire," A.R. Rahman; "WALL-E," Thomas Newman.
16. Original Song: "Down to Earth" from "WALL-E," Peter Gabriel and Thomas Newman; "Jai Ho" from "Slumdog Millionaire," A.R. Rahman and Gulzar; "O Saya" from "Slumdog Millionaire," A.R. Rahman and Maya Arulpragasam.
17. Costume: "Australia," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "The Duchess," "Milk," "Revolutionary Road."
18. Documentary Feature: "The Betrayal (Nerakhoon)," "Encounters at the End of the World," "The Garden," "Man on Wire," "Trouble the Water."
19. Documentary (short subject): "The Conscience of Nhem En," "The Final Inch," "Smile Pinki," "The Witness — From the Balcony of Room 306."
20. Film Editing: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "The Dark Knight," "Frost/Nixon," "Milk," "Slumdog Millionaire."
21. Makeup: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "The Dark Knight," "Hellboy II: The Golden Army."
22. Animated Short Film: "La Maison en Petits Cubes," "Lavatory — Lovestory," "Oktapodi," "Presto," "This Way Up."
23. Live Action Short Film: "Auf der Strecke (On the Line)," "Manon on the Asphalt," "New Boy," "The Pig," "Spielzeugland (Toyland)."
24. Visual Effects: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button," "The Dark Knight," "Iron Man."

Pink Peppermint Heart Marshmallows

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Marshmallows are one of those confections you don't think about making from scratch, but it's really not that difficult! The following will take you through the step-by-step process.

In addition to the following ingredients, you will need a glass baking dish, candy thermometer, knife, cutting board, standing mixer, pot and heart-shaped cookie cutters.


shortening for greasing
powdered sugar for dusting
2 1/2 tbsp Knox plain gelatin (a little less than 4 packets)
1/2 cup cold water
1 1/2 cup sugar
1 cup light corn syrup
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 cup water
1 tbsp vanilla
1/8 tsp red food coloring
1 tsp peppermint extract

Okay, before you begin: this recipe makes enough to fit a 9X13 glass dish. I made another batch that was half this size, using an 8X8 glass dish, and halving all the ingredients and it worked perfectly as well. Also, a few variations. Want just plain marshmallows? Omit the food coloring and peppermint extract and use 2 tbsp of vanilla instead of just 1. Want chocolate marshmallows? Again, omit the food coloring and peppermint extract, use 2 tbsp of vanilla instead of just 1 and add 1/3 cup cocoa powder right after the sugar mixture combines with the gelatin mixture on low spee


1. Grease the 9X13 dish with shortening and dust with powdered sugar the same way you would flour cake pans. Youll have to move the powdered sugar around more with your hands rather than the hitting-the-sides process as with flour. Set aside.

2. Whisk attachment in place, combine the gelatin and 1/2 cup cold water in the mixing bowl. This needs to sit for 15 minutes, which is about how long the next part will take, so keep on reading!

3. In a medium-sized saucepan, combine sugar, corn syrup, salt and 1/2 cup of water over low heat, stirring until sugar dissolves. (about a minute)

4. Turn the heat up to high and stick your candy thermometer in. Now its time to sit back and watch. Heat on high until the temperature is between 242 and 248 degrees F. NO STIRRING, just wait and watch it bubble and smell that sugar! It takes about 10-14 minutes if you make the whole batch, a little less if making a half batch. When between 242 and 248, remove from heat.

5. Back to the mixer, turn speed on to low and slowly pour the sugar mixture into the gelatin mixture. Increasing the speed one setting at a time for about 10 seconds each, eventually get to the highest setting on your mixer. Its wait and watch time again! Youre waiting for the mixture to double-to-triple in size, get a shiny, waxy white color and look really thick. This will take between 10-15 minutes. When its done, keep the speed on high and add in the vanilla, red food coloring and peppermint extract. (Um, can I tell you how happy I am that I made these the same shade of pink as my KitchenAid mixer? SO HAPPY).

6. With a spatula, spread evenly into your prepared pan. (Dont worry about scraping the bowl cleanits near impossible because of the stickiness). Dust with more powdered sugar and use your fingers to spread it around. (I love the soft feel of it!) Leave uncovered for about 8-10 hours, or overnight.

7. Do-do-do-do-do, and were back! Sleep well? Cover a cutting board with powdered sugar and plop out the giant marshmallow onto it. You can loosen the sides with a knife. With a small heart-shaped cookie cutter, dipped into powdered sugar every time if necessary, cut out the heart shapes. Roll the sides in the powdered sugar so there are no sticky parts left. If you just want to make square marshmallows, dip the knife in powdered sugar and cut to desirable size, again rolling the sides in powdered sugar. Done!!! Store in an airtight container, or package them up in cellophane and go woo someone with a sweet tooth.

Featured Gadgets of the Year 2009

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We've seen the first wave of unusable netbooks with tiny screens. Then they got an upgrade to 8.9, 10 and even 12-inch screens. Now it's time for netbooks to get WiMax and HSDPA connections as a standard. Hopefully they can still stay half-way affordable...

Wii MotionPlus
When I tested the Wii MotionPlus attachment at E3, I felt that Nintendo had fulfilled the promise of the Wii, finally offering a motion controller as accurate and responsive as we'd all hoped the Wiimote to be originally. If Nintendo can coax developers to support Wii Motion Plus, we can expect some killer Wii titles in '09 (on top of Wii Sports Resort in spring), but it might be 2010 before we see all that many compatible games.

The Sony XEL-1 OLED television rocked our world when it was released this year, but there was a catch. Its screen size was a measly 11 inches. And while we can't expect 50-inch Kuro killers just yet, we do anticipate a very expensive mid-sized set—27 to 32 inches—to hit the market in some form this year. (Sony actually showed off a prototype that was 27 inches at CES 2008. Stay tuned for what we see at CES this year.)

Wireless HDMI
A multitude of companies have various wireless HDMI technologies, but there's no set standard (two warring factions need to settle the fight before we can have interoperable products). The technology is there, now it's just a matter of logistics and handshaking. With luck, by next Christmas, you'll be able to add it to a sub-$2000 1080p projector for the ultimate no-mess home theater.

Whether it's the iPhone 3G Part II or the rumored iPhone nano, it's not hard to imagine Apple releasing another new iPhone this year, maintaining their trend of releasing an iPhone per year to stay competitive in the everchanging post-RAZR cellphone market. It's no secret that most of Gizmodo loves the iPhone, so we're pretty excited to see what's next. (Juicy rumors of a new Mac mini and iPod Touch XL are going strong, too.)

4G Networks
3G is alright but we're looking forward to even faster 4G wireless networks soon. Intel-backed WiMax launched in a few locales by carriers Sprint and ClearWire. The wide-area network currently promises peaks of 10 megabits per second but on paper it's capable of over 70. We will likely see slow but steady expansion of the service through 2009. Meanwhile, AT&T and Verizon (and eventually T-Mobile) are gearing up LTE technology. The Nokia-driven GSM-based "Long Term Evolution" may actually whomp WiMax with download speeds of over 300Mbps—though its presence probably won't be felt in the US before 2010.

Salakayan Festival

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The Salakayan festival of Miagao is held every first week of February. It is a street dance-drama that merges arts, lore and customs of the town.

It tells of personal power and daily activities of the people. The main theme depicts the victorious battle waged by the locals against Muslim marauders sometime in 1754. An important historical occasion for the people of Miag-ao, this annual festivity attracts guests to its weeklong activity of Food Fair, Agro-industrial and Trade Fair, Fluvial Parade, Higante contest, Literary Musical contest, Evening Socials and the hablon and patadyong Fashion show. The Gigantes Festival, personifying the prominent persons in Miagao’s history in large well-made mascots, is also a highlight of the Salakayan Festival

While most of us are interested in various foods taste -- we often forget our food safe to eat. Foods are bodies needs to convert it into an energy so that our body can perform different daily task. But sad to say, a lot of cases of food poisoning was happened nowadays due to the carelessness in preparing our foods.There's an old saying about food: "Keep it hot, keep it cold, or don't keep it". This means that if perishable food cannot be refrigerated or keep sufficiently hot after preparation, then it should be thrown out if not immediately used for more than a minute.

Tips for making Food Safe

1. When Marketing:

a.) Avoid fresh foods with signs of spoilage, cracked eggs, can with bulges, leak on dents at the seams, and frozen foods not kept frozen during storage.

b.) Separate meat and poultry from fresh foods that will be eaten without cooking.

c.) Buy foods needing refrigeration just before returning home.

2. Sort foods carefully:

a.) Avoid overcrowding the refrigeration and always keep it clean.

b.) Store in small, covered containers.

c.) Refrigerate foods such as meat, dairy products etc.

d.) Use perishable foods as quickly as possible.

3. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

4. Heat leftovers, at least to 165 degree F ( 74 degree C ).

5. Wash hands after handling foods that will be eaten without cooking.

And remember: 1.) The growth of germs can be slows down through refrigeration. 2.) Freezing stops their growth 3.) Heating kills most germs.

Philippines is truly an exceptional country, not because it is the only Christian country in Asia but of course it has so many beautiful places that the Filipinos are really proud of, and one if these is the Underground River that can be found in Puerto Princesa in Palawan which was recently one of the nominees of the new seven wonders of the world and fortunately it is already in the top list.

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is located about 50 km north of the city of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. It features a limestone karst mountain landscape with an 8.2 km. navigable underground river. A distinguishing feature of the river is that it winds through a cave before flowing directly into the South China Sea. It includes major formations of stalactites and stalagmites, and several large chambers. The lower portion of the river is subject to tidal influences.

The underground river is reputed to be the world's longest. At the mouth of the cave, a clear lagoon is framed by ancient trees growing right to the water's edge. Monkeys, large monitor lizards, and squirrels find their niche on the beach near the cave.
You can vote and see its wonders just go to and follow the voting procedures.

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