While most of us are interested in various foods taste -- we often forget our food safe to eat. Foods are bodies needs to convert it into an energy so that our body can perform different daily task. But sad to say, a lot of cases of food poisoning was happened nowadays due to the carelessness in preparing our foods.There's an old saying about food: "Keep it hot, keep it cold, or don't keep it". This means that if perishable food cannot be refrigerated or keep sufficiently hot after preparation, then it should be thrown out if not immediately used for more than a minute.

Tips for making Food Safe

1. When Marketing:

a.) Avoid fresh foods with signs of spoilage, cracked eggs, can with bulges, leak on dents at the seams, and frozen foods not kept frozen during storage.

b.) Separate meat and poultry from fresh foods that will be eaten without cooking.

c.) Buy foods needing refrigeration just before returning home.

2. Sort foods carefully:

a.) Avoid overcrowding the refrigeration and always keep it clean.

b.) Store in small, covered containers.

c.) Refrigerate foods such as meat, dairy products etc.

d.) Use perishable foods as quickly as possible.

3. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly.

4. Heat leftovers, at least to 165 degree F ( 74 degree C ).

5. Wash hands after handling foods that will be eaten without cooking.

And remember: 1.) The growth of germs can be slows down through refrigeration. 2.) Freezing stops their growth 3.) Heating kills most germs.


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