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Want to make your Twitter productive? Try using RevTwt and earn maney instantly

What is RevTwt?

RevTwt is an advertising and pay-per-click membership program that works through posting ads on the popular social networking - Twitter.  RevTwt members display ads on their Twitter accounts and this program pays every time someone clicks on that ad or signs up for an offer through the ad.

Detailed Overview

You sign up with the program, browse the ads that are listed on their site, choose which ads you want to display on Twitter, and schedule them to be displayed. When someone clicks on any of the ads that you display on Twitter through your account, you get paid a certain amount.

There are different kinds of ads that you can display on Twitter through RevTwt. There are the standard ads, cost-per-thousand ads and cost-per-action ads. The cost-per-action ads can tend to pay more, since anyone who clicks on the link for this type of ad that you provide on Twitter must supply some information before you can get credited.

How many followers you have on Twitter determines how many RevTwt ads you can post on there per day. If you have less than 1000 followers, you are limited to one ad per day. If you have 1000 to 2000 followers, then you can post 2 ads per day; over 2000 followers means you can post three ads per day. You also need to be careful that you don’t just post ads on Twitter. If the ads are more than 20% of your total tweets, you could be considered a spammer by Twitter and your account could be deleted.

When you sign up with this program, you supply them with your Twitter account information, and when you choose an ad to display, the program will do all that work for you. You can choose auto-post and have RevTwt choose the ads to display for you, or you can choose them yourself. It's good to remember also that if you are looking to advertise your own business, this program is a good one to use.


RevTwt seems is getting good feedback from the people who’ve used it. Of course, those with the most followers on Twitter are going to see the best results. Reports from members of this program are that they do pay, and in a timely manner. That’s an important thing. If you have a good Twitter following, this program might be worth looking into.

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  1. Scott Herbert // October 7, 2009 at 5:25 AM  

    I’ve heard good things about RevTwt and I’m going to sign-up however there is more than one twitter ad tool, I use SponsoredTweets (see ), it has a higher payout threshold than RevTwt ($50 instead of $20) but you fairly soon get that.

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