Last night Octerber 4, we finally witnessed the first Magical Reveal in the opening of the Big Brother house for its 3rd season ( PBB Double Up ).  The mystery of the term “double up” was revealed – two houses and two sets of twins! .

 Princess Manzon was the first housemate who entered in Big Brother House she auditioned in Tokyo, Japan. Born and raised in Cebu, Princess left the Philippines when she was in highschool to live with her mom in Japan. There she discovered something about her mom which prompted her to live independently. Called the “Sassy Vamp of Cebu,” Princess is currently working as a receptionist and a language instructor.

Next to Princess was Tom Mott who is from the USA. The “Romantic Stud” is a native of Samar but migrated to the States when he was twelve years old with his mom and dad, who’s part of the US Navy. He spoke little English when he moved abroad and was ridiculed. Tom loves to draw and would love to pursue a career in Digital Animation.

Up next was Delio Dimaculangan, a cook from Batangas. Delio had to work at a young age and was not able to finish his studies. He got his boss’ daughter pregnant and he was not able to see his child. He was reunited with his wife and child two years after and now he is determined to give them a better life.

Paul Jake Castillo followed Delio inside the house. He is from Cebu like Princess, Paul was able to put up a business of his own at the age of twenty-two. However, the “Negotiante Prince” prides himself for being down-to-earth for he is able to get along with people from all walks of life.

Tough guy Jason Francisco of Mindoro was infamous in his hometown for starting brawls and other mischief, “Boy Astig” admits that he is not one to back out of a fight.

Next to Jason was Melisa Cantiveros, the funny lady from General Santos City. Nicknamed Inday Kengkay, Melisa remained strong  and looks at the positive side of things despite people teasing her about her looks. The aspiring teacher hopes she can impart happiness to other people wherever she goes.

Multi-lingual Hottie Yuri Okawa can speak five languages – Spanish, Portuguese, English, Filipino and Nihonggo which she has learned living in different parts of the world. Her goal is to help support her family working as a waitress in Japan while on leave from her nursing studies.

Shy type Carolyn Batay followed Yuri inside Kuya’s house. The “Conservative Pharmacist,”  was a native of Tondo in a traditional Chinese household. She admits that this has hindered her from exploring the world and hopefully with her stint with Big Brother this will change her perspective on some things.

A certified Davaoena, Marielle Sorino confessed that she had her rebellious stage in life, drinking and partying because of her conflict with her parents, specially her mom. A single mom, Marielle says she has moved out of her parents home and is trying her best to raise her son on her own.

Another mom, but this time a widow from Pampanga joined Marielle inside the house.

Yhel become a mother at 14 years old and lost her husband to a gang war at the age of 20. Yhel gets her inspiration to go on with life from her two children but admits it’s very hard to raise her kids since she hasn’t even finished high school.

And last but not the least Kuya reveals two sets of twins – college varsity basketball players

Kenny Santos


Toffi Santos and family guys

 John Paul Lagumbay


John Micheal Lagumbay

With this double up reveal, Kuya also divulges to the pairs that he has two houses. He then gives them the first task of the season, a switch of identities and houses at his signal, anytime within the week. Should any of them be discovered or the secret of the two houses revealed to the other housemates, the twins would automatically be forced evicted from the Kuya’s abode. Would the twins be able to pull the old switcheroo trick?

What can possibly be in store for our housemates this week? What is waiting for them next weekend? Don’t miss the exciting first week of Pinoy Big Brother Double Up. Catch the PBB mania three times a day with PBB Uber in the afternoon, PBB Double Up on Primetime Bida and PBB Double Uplate late nights on ABS-CBN.


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